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Answers to the mysteries of the universe and also your most commonly asked questions.

Question The First: Who Are You?

🖤 Cursed Doll Cult is a newly born, unholy-brainchild-of-a-fashion-brand founded by designer and illustrator Kristy Ecklin. (Kristy is a she/her) (and totally not writing this right now in the third person.)

💜 After over a decade of wearing gothic lolita fashion, Kristy founded this brand to bridge the gap (she strongly feels exists) between really epic, original alternative style and clothes that people can actually wear day to day.

🩷 Kristy is a smol, big-eyed creature who obsesses over shoujo manga and likes to wear weird things and likes her skulls with bows on them. You can contact her with friendly messages at customerservice@curseddollcult.com or on our social media.

Question The Second: What Exactly Is Going On Here?

~*~Please join us and come into a dreamy realm where creativity flourishes, trends and friendships blossom, and Canadian designers shine in gothic and kawaii spaces.~*~

Oh and we also wanna sell you some kawaii AF t-shirts and stuff. 🤣

Question The Third: What Is This Style Even?

Our aesthetic is a blend of many influences, including:

🩷 **Kawaii:**
- A Japanese term meaning "cute" or "adorable."
- Represents a cultural aesthetic emphasizing innocence, charm, and childlike qualities.
- Refers to a style of art, fashion, or design that evokes a cute and endearing feel.

😷 **Yami Kawaii:**
- A Japanese term combining "yami" (dark) and "kawaii" (cute).
- Represents a fashion and cultural style that blends cute and dark elements, often expressing mental health themes or embracing darker emotions in a cute manner.

😈 **Pastel Goth:**
- A fashion and style trend that combines elements of goth subculture with pastel colors.
- Features dark and gothic aesthetics such as skulls, crosses, and occult symbols, but softened by pastel hues, creating a unique and visually striking contrast.

🌹**Shoujo Manga:**
- A genre of Japanese manga (comic or graphic novel) targeted primarily at a young female audience.
- Typically features romantic themes, character-driven plots, and often incorporates magical or fantastical elements.
- "Shoujo" translates to "young girl" in Japanese and reflects the target demographic for this genre.

Question The Fourth: What Makes Your Clothing Special?

Cursed Doll Cult specializes in luxuriously decandent, detailed, custom original artwork printed on practical, easy to wear clothing. We see each piece of clothing as a canvas for beautiful yami kawaii and gothic influenced art.

Our brand also wants to help you to express your best and most adorable self while still being totally practical for daily wear and use.

Question The Fifth: How Does Print On Demand Work?

We create and print your selected creepy cute design specially for you when you place an order. This allows us to reduce waste, lessen our environmental footprint, and offer a large array of fantastic designs all at once for you to choose from.

Question The Sixth: Can I Customize My Order?

At this time, we don't offer customization options. However, Cursed Doll Cult is run by (an excessively) sweet person so it never hurts to make a request for something you'd like to see from us in the future!

In the meantime, we hope you'll find something that resonates with your dark and twisted soul among our diverse range of prints.

Question The Seventh: What's Your Shipping Policy?

We offer a low flat rate shipping option per item. You can check the cost of shipping at the checkout page before placing your order!

Question The Seventh And 3/4: I think online shopping is sketch. Are your payments secure?

Fear not, online-shopping-skeptic! Our online store is powered by Shopify, ensuring a secure checkout, multiple secure payment options, and top-notch security. Dive into our policy pages for more information on our commitment to your safety.

Question The Eighth: Do You Take Returns?

ABSOLUTELY! If your order isn't making you dance with joy, check out our Returns Policy by clicking here. Your happiness is our top priority, friend. (May we call you friend? Ok. We're friends now. No take-backs.)

Question The Ninth: Do you Ship Internationally?

Yes! We offer shipping to a huge and wonderful number of countries. Please check for your location at the checkout.

Question The Tenth: Do You Sell Stolen Art?

Nooooo!!! We are, like, the guardian angels of authenticity. While other kawaii stores (ahem) may indulge in sketchy practices, our artists are paid fairly, and their work is celebrated. We also love to celebrate other authentic kawaii brands and their artists too! 

Question The Eleventh: Can We Be Friends?

Yes, if you don't pay any attention to the noises in the attic :)

Question The Twelfth: Ok wait are you just trying to befriend me to make me the next sacrificial victim of unnameable demonic entities?!

...Maybe. :) :) :) ;) :)

Question The Thirteenth: Is there really going to be a tea party in a gigantic pink Victorian mansion?